Tavi Gevinson - Fan Fiction (Pre-Order)

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“Sometimes I think ambition is not drive so much as an intolerance for unhappy endings.”

Fan Fiction is a zine by Tavi Gevinson. Although this 19,000-word satirical work of fiction is ostensibly about Taylor Swift, it quickly becomes a meditation on memory and image-making before exploding into a twisted tale of friendship, fandom, and failure. Join our narrator as she suffocates from obsession, nostalgia, the sacrifices demanded by autobiographical art, the deranging impact of internet usage, the numbing effects of fame, and maybe—just maybe—real life. As Leigh Stein wrote in Lit Hub, “You don’t need to know a single Taylor Swift lyric by heart to enjoy Tavi’s genre-defying project.”

Gevinson first published Fan Fiction online as a free PDF for anyone to read or print. Now, readers can order a copy gorgeously printed at full-bleed by Heavy Manners, each with a special risograph cover in a surprise color. The inside, printed in black-and-white, is complete with Gevinson’s ecstatic collages, reminiscent of Rookie, teenage diaries…simpler times.


"Tavi Gevinson's Taylor Swift fan fiction is actually genius. ... It's probably Gevinson's best work to date." —Olivia Craighead, The Cut

"It's smart, it's confessional, it's messy, it's a flex. ... I don't think it's a coincidence that this electric, sly, look-what-you-made-me-do energy comes not from a corporate publication, but from a self-published zine. No gods, no masters, no investors, no one to please but herself." —Molly Mary O'Brien, I Enjoy Music


A Portion of proceeds go to the National Network of Abortion Funds


Published 2024


75 pages

8.5 x 5.5 inches

By Tavi Gevinson

Cover design and graphic production by Chrissy Rhee

Distribution by Marian Chudnovsky, John Biggers, Bathsheba Nemerovski, and Heavy Manners Library

This edition printed and distributed by Heavy Manners Library


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