FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT by Maya Man (Pre-Order)

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FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT presents the generative art collection of the same name by artist Maya Man. Borrowing from the bubbly language and pastel aesthetics of text-driven instagram graphics, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT scrutinizes the promotion of wellness, self-care, and confidence on social media. Every image featured in the book was generated with a custom JavaScript-based algorithm written by the artist. The book acts as an ode to the Art Blocks Curated collection, showcasing all 700 editions in glossy detail along with essays, discord logs, poetry written with the output, source code, feature analysis, and a carefully curated selection of large-format spreads. It features contributions from Ann Hirsch, Sofia Garcia, Biz Sherbert, Terry Nguyen and is edited by Adina Glickstein.

Online, these types of instagram posts survive on likes, comments, and shares. What do I believe? becomes What do I want to appear to believe? Fake it till you make it! Maybe your dream life lives here: In a digital, fantasy world where the algorithm plays god and loving yourself feels like looking into the light of your screen.

Note: Pre-orders will ship out on February 12th. A book launch, exhibition, and signing will be held at Heavy Manners in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 8th with books available for purchase. You are welcome to attend and purchase a book there if you prefer to have the book at an earlier date. 



260 Pages

7.5 x 10 in

Publisher: Heavy Manners Library

Editor: Adina Glickstein

Contributors: Ann Hirsch, Sofia Garcia, Biz Sherbert, Terry Nguyen

Designer: Elena Foraker

Learn more about the project at fakeittillyoumakeit.lol and find the project on instagram at @fake_it_till_you_make_it_lol.