Allyssa Yohana - "Beetleboro: Pilot" Book (Pre-Order)

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If Richard Linklater’s Slacker took place in the Peanuts universe—and was infused with a healthy dose of the ordinary-surreal and a light maple-butter glaze—it might look something like Pilot.

Pilot follows Pal, an independent 12 year old who fits comfortably into the serene atmosphere of Beetleboro, a prototypical New England mountain town with excellent pedestrian infrastructure. But in a community full of tight-knit friendships, Pal doesn’t seem to have anyone in particular to lean on. 

But that’s ok! As she moves through the town’s various idyllic landscapes, observing her peers and stumbling upon the wisdom of its eclectic misfits, Pal comes to understand her place in the community isn’t just on the sidelines, longing to belong, but in the thick of the flow of everyday life. Pal’s time in the sun will come. But right now, it’s a beautiful fall day, and she’s going to enjoy it.

PS — watch the included overture before reading and treat yourself to a secret track by Beetleboro’s own Piggy Snouts.

 96 pages

5.5" x 8.5"